"The Nancy” (A Modern Spin on a Traditional Potato & Cheese)

Made from Idaho potatoes and combination of the freshest deli cheeses.  This pierogi is the backbone of all pierogies. It is named after my grandmother, Nancy, who believed that her family and traditions were the joy of life.

“Silly Lillys Original” (Sauerkraut & Bacon)

This is our specialty and signature pierogi with a flavor as unique as Lilly’s personality.  It is made from a combination of sauerkraut, bacon and fresh spices. This pierogi provides a different spin on the Berks County tradition of pork and sauerkraut served on New Year’s Day and has been a staple in our family for over 30 years! 

​“Dutchman” (A mix of Potato, Cheese, Sauerkraut & Bacon)

Poland meets Pennsylvania Dutch.  This pierogi is a mixture of  ‘Nancy” and “Silly Lilly’s Original”, and is inspired by my grandfather, Pappy, a unique and gentle soul who always had the food on his dinner plate a mixed up mess.

“Zinger” (Potato, Cheese and Jalapeno)

If you’re looking for a little adventure with your pierogi, look no further.  The “Zinger” takes the traditional potato & cheese pierogi and kicks it up a notch by adding a touch of jalapeno.  It was created by Aunt Steph, who’s personality is almost as fiery as this pierogi! ​

"Philly Rogi" (Traditional Philly Cheesesteak "whiz with onions")

If you are looking for a taste of Philadelphia but don't feel like driving, look no further than the Philly Rogi.  The idea for this Special Edition pierogi came from our dear friend, Danielle, and has been a fan favorite ever since its release.  Get this Special Edition pierogi while it lasts! ​

More Flavors Coming Soon!!!

Sinking Spring, PA

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Silly Lilly’s currently offers fIve different kinds of handmade pierogies – each one with a special name.  

All pierogies are sold in packs of a dozen for $9.00.  Please contact us for large orders and possible special pricing.

We hand make all pierogies – it’s a labor of love that we are passionate about. Our pierogi recipes are several generations old and are authentic as it gets!  

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